Young England Kindergarten

Childrens' progress

We strongly believe that good communication 

between parents and staff is beneficial to all concerned.

Each term, an event takes place in order for parents to see their children in the school environment and to have the opportunity to discuss their child's progress.

Our stage is used for a play in the Christmas and Summer Terms with every child taking part and we have an open day during the Spring Term.

Displays of the children's work can be viewed at all times.

All group teachers are equipped with tablets to monitor and record the development of each child in their group, otherwise known as their 'learning journey'. We use Arc Pathway early learning software which allows teachers to create a unique profile for each child. Further information about this software can be found HERE.

The learning journey (sometimes referred to as learning journals) is a collection of different documents collected by early years’ practitioners that provide a picture of a child’s development under the seven areas of learning. It consists of photos, art-work, mark-making, etc., and are interspersed with observations made by practitioners including notes of relevant conversations or comments made by the child. Group teacher's link any observations to the EYFS learning areas, aspects and statements.

The aim is to build a unique picture of what each child knows, feels and can do as well as his/her particular interests and learning style. This picture is then used to pinpoint learning priorities and plan relevant and motivating learning experiences i.e. identify next steps and activities. The learning journey involves contributions from a variety of adults who have contact with the child, including their family. 

A short report on each child is sent at the end of the Summer Term.

The Principal and staff are always available to discuss any queries or problems. We strongly believe that good communication between parents and staff is beneficial to all concerned.