Young England Kindergarten

Duckling Diary ! 12/05/2015 onwards

Tuesday 12th May


The duck eggs started to hatch this morning, just as the doors were opened for school. The ducklings needed to stay inside the incubator for at least 3 hours to allow them to dry off. By the end of the day we had 4 little ducklings.


Wednesday 13th May


This morning we walked into school to find 4 yellow fluffy ducklings running around in the cage. We were also lucky enough to find that the remaining 2 eggs had also hatched in the night, making the grand total of 6 ducklings!!!


Thursday 14th May


Now that all the ducklings had hatched and had had time to dry out and adjust to the real world, we could now start handling them more. The children loved getting the chance to hold and play with them.


Friday 15th May


The ducklings continue to get bigger and we thought it was time that they had a go at swimming. We filled our large water tray with water and let the ducklings have a splash and a swim. A much better version of ducks in the bath! Miss Lucinda is taking them home this weekend to look after them - good luck!