Young England Kindergarten


Morning Session

Monday to Friday: 9 am - 12.15/12.30 pm

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The morning school can accommodate fifty children aged three to five years old. There is a trained staff of seven, as well as an assistant, the Head Teacher (Manager), School Business Manager, and the Principal. During the course of the morning we cover the seven areas of learning, as laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Good manners and health and safety are promoted and encouraged.

The session begins at 9 o'clock with free play time. During this time the children are encouraged to interact with each other and use a wide variety of equipment that is frequently changed. This includes equipment, such as: Quadroplay kit, various play houses, trampoline, bikes and trikes, home corner, dressing up and other material to stimulate imaginative play.

There is a healthy drink and snack available during the free play session at about 10 o'clock. Following this there is a group activity such as Spanish, football classes, music, yoga, drama, agility games, story time or a visit to the garden or local library. The last part of the morning is spent in small groups with an assigned special teacher, doing activities such as letter and number work, projects, drawing, painting, handicrafts, clay, collage, puzzles, memory games, sand and water play.

Every week there is a timetable displayed to show what activity each group will be doing during this period.

At the appropriate stage, children are introduced to phonetic reading and to number work.

There is an emphasis on learning through play and they are taught in small groups, allowing for individual attention. Children also have the opportunity to use PCs, iPad’s and interactive whiteboards.

Afternoon Session

Monday to Thursday: 2 pm - 4 pm

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This is a smaller group for up to 25 children aged from two and a half years to three plus. This session is part of our settling in process and is specifically geared for these younger children. There is a high ratio of staff to pupils and the session is less structured than the morning, but provides a wide variety of activities including a music class.


Weekly dancing classes take place in the early part of the morning. The classes are taught by a qualified teacher in a hall near to the Kindergarten. Children are divided into small groups and taken to and from these extra lessons by a school bus service. There are regular outings to museums, theatres and places of interest. We also invite people to come and talk to the children on various topics.